EMPHASIS Seminar in the History of Early Modern Philosophy and the History of Science 2023 

The EMPHASIS seminar focuses on the history of early modern philosophy (broadly construed), and the history of early modern science (including the occult sciences). It is one of the only seminars in London which addresses these themes together.

This year there will be a mixture of in-person seminars and online zoom seminars. The in-person seminars will be held (with one exception) in room G35 [Ground Floor] in the University of London Senate House building in Bloomsbury (access via Malet Street or Russell Square). Online-only seminars are marked with an asterisk (*). Please register in advance if you wish to attend any of the seminars via the EMPHASIS webpage.

If you have any queries, please email Dr Stephen Clucas.

28 January 2023  

Merlin Cox (Warburg Institute) “Marsilio Ficino and Theurgy” 

18 February 2023 

John Henderson (Birkbeck, University of London) “Imagining and experiencing the Great Pox in Renaissance Italy”. 

11 March 2023 [room 243] 

Alexander Wragge-Morley (Lancaster University) “Intersubjectivity and the Senses in the late 18th Century: The Case of Henry Moyes (1750-1807)” 

15 April 2023* 

Carla Rita Palmerino (Raboud University): “Borelli versus Gassendi on the nature of moving forces.” 

13 May 2023*  

Davide Martino (University of Cambridge) “Hydraulic philosophy in early modern European cities”. 

3 June 2023 

Kevin Killeen (University of York) “The Symphonic Unknowable: The Book of Job and Early Modern Science”. 

1 July 2023 

Peter J. Forshaw (University of Amsterdam) “EmblemaSymbolaHieroglyphica in the Works of Michael Maier”.