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  • Women in Intellectual History programme, winter 2023/24

    The International Society for Intellectual History is pleased to announce the programme for papers of the third instalment our seminar series, Women in Intellectual History, which will take place online in winter 2023/24. To register and to receive the link to the Teams meeting, please complete this form.

  • “An Emerging Discipline in a Warring World: World War I & Social Sciences”

    A Hybrid Event jointly with UWS and UofG, 7-8 September 2023 Panel 1: 7 September, 14:00-16:00 (UK Time), University of Glasgow, Seminar Room, Lilybank House Zoom link to Panel 1 for those attending online: Guest speakers: Niall Bond (Université Lumière Lyon), Austin Harrington (University of Leeds), Thomas Kemple (University of British Columbia), Peter Kivisto (Augustana College) Panel 2: 8 September,…

  • International Symposium: Newton Geneva Edition 2023

    Newton & Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica Geneva Edition ([1739-1742]1822) 22-23 September 2023, Centenary Room, University of Oxford  Entry is free but registration is essential. For more information, visit the conference website.

  • Logic and Human Nature: Early Modern and Enlightenment Confluences, 15-16 September 2023

    The workshop ‘Logic and Human Nature: Early Modern and Enlightenment Confluences’ will take place in Bucharest, 15-16 September 2023. Participation online is available via zoom. For the zoom link, please contact Sorana Corneanu. The programme and further details can be found here.

  • The Future of Intellectual History: A Celebration of Quentin Skinner’s London Years 

    10 May 2023, QMUL

  • EMPHASIS Seminar in the History of Early Modern Philosophy and the History of Science 2023 

    The EMPHASIS seminar focuses on the history of early modern philosophy (broadly construed), and the history of early modern science (including the occult sciences). It is one of the only seminars in London which addresses these themes together. This year there will be a mixture of in-person seminars and online zoom seminars. The in-person seminars…

  • Conference: Early Women Philosophers in London, 27 Jan 2023

    27 January 2023, 10:00am – 6:00pm Room 243, Second Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU Recent years has seen significant work on women philosophers who contributed to the early development of analytic philosophy. A number of these philosophers were – in part because of limited opportunities in established centres such as Oxford and Cambridge – associated with Bedford…

  • CFP: JHP Summer Seminar in the History of Philosophy

    Ancient Origins of Renaissance and Early Modern Feminism, May 15–19, 2023 Mindful of the challenges facing young scholars working in the history of philosophy, the Board of Directors of the Journal of the History of Philosophy has established a Summer Seminar in the History of Philosophy. The central idea of the program is that a senior scholar…

  • Venice seminar series in Intellectual History – Crisis and Change in Early Modernity: Knowledge, Practice, Governance

    Ca’Foscari University of Venice and the International Society for Intellectual History are pleased to present a seminar series on Crisis and Change in Early Modernity: Knowledge, Practice, Governance. The next seminar will take place on 10 November, when Sophie Roux will speak on The Life and Circumstances of Jacques du Roure (1621-1683?), or: How to…

  • Women and Religion in 18th Century France: Ideas, Controversies, Representations

    Virtual Symposium, Queen Mary, University of London We are delighted to announce that registration for our online symposium on ‘Women and Religion in 18th Century France: Ideas, Controversies, Representations’, taking place on Friday 24 June, is now open. Prof. Mita Choudhury (Vassar College) will deliver the keynote address, entitled ‘Reflecting on Gender, Religion, and the Historian’s Craft’. She’ll speak about the approach…