2023 Charles Schmitt Prize Winner

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Charles Schmitt prize for 2023 is Carlos Perez Crespo of the University of Hamburg, for his essay ‘Antiliberalism, Civil War and Dictatorship: Carl Schmitt and His Intellectual Influence on the Ideologists of Francoism (1939-1942)’. The winning essay will be published in Intellectual History Review.

The quality of submissions was high this year. So the panel of judges also wish to commend the proxime accessit, Bennett A. Nagtegaal of Princeton University, for his essay ‘Ernst Kantorowicz’s Wartime Lectures: Reconsidering the Debate over Intellectual Change’.

The prize is awarded on an annual basis in honour of the contribution of Charles B. Schmitt (1933-1986) to intellectual history. The recipient receives £250, plus £50 worth of Routledge books, and a year’s free membership of the ISIH with a subscription to the Society’s quarterly journal Intellectual History Review.

For more info, please see the Charles Schmitt Prize.