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What is intellectual history?

Intellectual history is the study of ideas and intellectual patterns over time.

It is a broad subject, addressing the history of philosophy, religion, science, scholarship, anthropology, technology, the book, psychology and the social sciences, and other relevant intellectual formations.

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  • Call for Papers: Fourth Seminar “Women in Intellectual History”, 2024/2025

    The International Society for Intellectual History is pleased to announce a Call for Papers for the fourth instalment of its seminar series, Woman in Intellectual History, which will take place online in late 2024 / early 2025. Women thinkers and their writings are still underrepresented in the discipline of intellectual history. Despite decades-long efforts at…

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  • The Dacre Lecture 2024: Dmitri Levitin on The Origins of Modern Eurocentrism

    The Al Jaber Auditorium, Corpus Christi College, 10 May 2024, 5pm All are welcome at this year’s Dacre Lecture, which will be held in person at Corpus Christ College, Oxford. This year the lecture will be given by Dmitri Levitin, Assistant Professor at Utrecht University and Fifty-Pound Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford. The lecture…

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  • Online event: Women in Nineteenth Century Philosophy

    27 March – 8 May 2024, Organised by Alison Stone (Lancaster) The seminar series on Women in Nineteenth Century Philosophy draws together scholarship rediscovering women philosophers from nineteenth-century Britain who have been unjustly left out of the philosophical canon. The talks introduce these women and their thinking on such topics as feminism, animals, metaphysics, religion,…

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  • CFP: Ideas of Europe and Images of Russia: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present

    XV Annual Conference of the Research Network on the History of Idea of Europe University of East Anglia, School of History – Norwich 19 – 21 June 2024 The geo-cultural relationship between Europe and Russia has been a source of intrigue for scholars, historians, philosophers, novelists, and politicians since at least the late seventeenth century.…

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Call for Papers: Third Seminar “Women in Intellectual History”, 2024/2025

[🆕📘NEW BOOK REVIEW] Samuel Garrett Zeitlin (University of Cambridge) “Review of Richard Faber, ad Jacob Taubes, Historischer und politischer Theologe, moderner Gnostiker.” IHR 34 (2): 518-520. .

[📘NEW BOOK REVIEW] Rebecca Wilkin (Pacific Lutheran University) “Review of Flora Champy, L’Antiquité politique de Jean-Jacques Rousseau: entre exemples et modèles.” IHR 34 (2): 506-509. .

[📘NEW BOOK REVIEW] James A. Harris (University of St. Andrews) “Review of Robin Mills, The religious innatism debate in early modern Britain: intellectual change beyond Locke.” IHR 34 (2): 504-506. .