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The International Society for Intellectual History (ISIH) organises regular international conferences, publishes the Intellectual History Review, supports Early Career Researchers and publishes news from across the field.

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What is intellectual history?

Intellectual history is the study of ideas and intellectual patterns over time.

It is a broad subject, addressing the history of philosophy, religion, science, scholarship, anthropology, technology, the book, psychology and the social sciences, and other relevant intellectual formations.

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If you are working in the history of philosophy, theology, and scholarship; the history of science, medicine, and technology; the history of legal and political thought; the history of literature, the visual arts, and music…then ISIH is for you!

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  • Stephen Gaukroger (1950–2023)

    It is with great sadness that we share the news of the death of Stephen Gaukroger, who passed away on 3 September 2023. Stephen was an eminent intellectual historian and historian of science who was an active member of the Society since its early years. Stephen was amongst those who, in 1994, encouraged our founder,…

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  • “An Emerging Discipline in a Warring World: World War I & Social Sciences”

    A Hybrid Event jointly with UWS and UofG, 7-8 September 2023 Panel 1: 7 September, 14:00-16:00 (UK Time), University of Glasgow, Seminar Room, Lilybank House Zoom link to Panel 1 for those attending online: Guest speakers: Niall Bond (Université Lumière Lyon), Austin Harrington (University of Leeds), Thomas Kemple (University of British Columbia), Peter Kivisto (Augustana College) Panel 2: 8 September,…

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  • International Symposium: Newton Geneva Edition 2023

    Newton & Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica Geneva Edition ([1739-1742]1822) 22-23 September 2023, Centenary Room, University of Oxford  Entry is free but registration is essential. For more information, visit the conference website.

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  • ISIH Annual General Meeting, 2023

    The ISIH will hold their Annual General Meeting at the 2023 Conference in Edinburgh. The meeting will be hybrid, and will take place from 15:15-16:30 (BST) on Tuesday 5 September. Members of the ISIH who are unable to attend the conference, but would like to join the meeting online, should contact the Communications Director to…

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