Postdocs in the History of Philosophy

The Department of Languages, Cultures, and Visual Studies at the University of Exeter is appointing 3 post-doctoral fellows to join the ERC-awarded, URKI-funded project ‘Cultures of Philosophy: Women Writing Knowledge in Early Modern Europe’, led by Dr Helena Taylor. The first focuses on Italy, the second on England, the third on Exeter.

CultPhil was awarded as a European Research Council Starting Grant and is now funded by UKRI via the UK Government’s ‘Horizon Guarantee scheme’ for EU awards.

The successful applicant will conduct desk-based, rare book, and archive research into philosophical writing by women in seventeenth-century Italy, with a view to broadening the canon by looking beyond traditional genres and well-known figures. The PDRF will analyse a range of genres (including correspondence), focusing in particular on the sub-discipline of natural philosophy, and will explore this writing in its historical context. The project will be appointing three PDRFs in total, to look at the Dutch Republic, England, and Italy respectively; they are all to start at the same time.

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