ISIH2019, 5-7 June 2019, University of Queensland, Australia

Keynotes: Michael Hunter (Birkbeck), Erika Milam (Princeton), Evelleen Richards (Sydney)

The Printing Revolution, Copernican Revolution, Scientific Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Darwinian Revolution, French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Sexual Revolution, Information Revolution. The past is often viewed through the lens of revolutions, great upheavals in the way the peoples, societies and cultures of the past understood their place in history and their relation to the world around them. Contrasted to these are the evolutions, gradual processes of modernisation and secularisation, reformation and enlightenment, subjugation and liberation that erode longstanding traditions and forge new ones. Revolutions and Evolutions in Intellectual History proposes to explore not only historical, philosophical, cultural, material, social and scientific revolutions and evolutions in human thought, but to question the historiographical categories that afford the past real and imagined motions in space and time.

Within the general remit of the conference there will also be a workshop, Imagining the Darwinian Revolution: The Place of History in Science, which will be open to all conference attendees.