ISIH2016, 3-5 May, University of Crete

Keynotes: David Armitage (Harvard), Etienne Balibar (Paris-Ouest Nanterre/Kingston University), & Christopher Berry (Glasgow)

In recent debates regarding the status of intellectual history, the emergence of new academic objects such as global justice and sub-disciplines like global intellectual history, are symptoms of post-cosmopolitan, global sensibilities. By the same token important questions are raised regarding the emergence of systemic inequalities, cultural hegemonies and, more broadly, about unprecedented forms of post-colonial mentality within the globalized world. In this context, Europe’s status seems problematic. Decadence or mutation, the transfer of economic power outside Europe, the erosion of the middle classes and the status of European citizenship are emblematic issues in academia and the public sphere. Yet there is consensus around the unprecedented changes regarding Europe’s status in the world. Rethinking Europe’s identity(ies) and re-writing its history seem to be urgent issues in light of the Eurozone’s current crisis.

Conference Committee: Spiros TegosMichael HunterJames A.T. Lancaster.