A major international conference, held at venues across the world on a regular basis, is at the heart of the Society’s activities. ISIH conferences gather scholars interested in different aspects of intellectual history from antiquity to the present.

Every conference has a specific theme, but conference themes are devised in such a way as to accommodate papers on a wide range of subjects. Most of the organisers of our conferences have worked to focus on topics from different perspectives.

In 2024, in lieu of its annual conference, the ISIH will be teaming up with  the ESHPT for their biennial international conference “Human Nature – Humans and Nature in the History of Political Thought”, at the Central European University in Vienna, 25-27 September 2024. The ISIH is offering a number of bursaries (£350 each) to assist post-graduates and early-career speakers at the conference, in particular those who cannot readily secure funding for conference travel and other expenses. For more information, click here.

Past conferences