ISIH welcomes the diversity of topic and method each generation brings. We want to support young scholars of intellectual history in whatever ways we can.

Since its inception, the ISIH has been committed to fostering Early Career Researchers (ECRs) as members of the community of scholars in Intellectual History. As an organisation dedicated to promoting Intellectual History as an interdisciplinary, international, and methodologically diverse field, the ISIH recognises that facilitating communication and exchange between scholars across the world is especially important for those at an early point in their careers. To this end ECRs are encouraged to attend and present papers at the annual conference of the ISIH, and they are represented on the ISIH Executive Committee. More specifically, the society showcases new work by younger scholars in the field and provides opportunities for them to meet and discuss their research.

ECR Events

We host online events organised by ECRs for ECRs, offering a virtual meeting place for younger scholars from across the world to meet with each other and with senior scholars.

Possible formats include but are not limited to workshops and seminar series, with a topic that engage intellectual historians from a broad range of backgrounds. Find out more


The Society sponsors prizes for outstanding new work in Intellectual History: namely, the Constance Blackwell Prize awarded for the best first book in Intellectual History by an ECR and the Charles Schmitt Prize awarded for an outstanding graduate essay in the field.

For more details on each, please see the Prizes page.